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MSc in Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain Management
“I have good experience with the University starting from the mode of delivery, the quality of delivery, the quality of supervisor and the level of professionalism is so great. Finally the experience during graduation was so amazing. ”
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Master of Laws in International Business Law
“Robert Kennedy College is a star-studded institution of dedicated and passionate lecturers of very high pedigrees.”
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MBA in International Business
United States
“My travel and client demands are considerable. It was only through the very well structured program and applying discipline each week, that I was able to manage the time demands very well, never feel pressured, and actually enjoy the course and subject matter. My advice is, focus on the lesson for the week, build your timetable, and be disciplined. Even the most demanding schedule can accommodate this program. ”
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RKC Staff
“I work at Robert Kennedy College and I'm here to help you with your queries.”
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MSc in International Business with Law
“What made this experience unique and special is the accessibility to various resources and communication facilities while being in a remote setting. The educational journey was smooth. My advice is don't think twice; even if you're an employee, have lots of things on your plate; this is definitely worth it! ”
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LLM International Commercial Law
“ The flexibility of being able to combine a busy legal practice with the RKC academic program worked for me. The hands-on tuition provided and depth of knowledge I have since acquired in my area of practice cannot be overemphasized. I think for most professionals who are hesitant to start a masters program because they are busy the RKC program is the way to go. You take it slow but you still get there.”
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MSc in Project Management
“The college's staff and faculty have been supportive from the start. When I needed anything, they were supportive and always responded to my emails or WhatsApp messages within a day. I earned a master's degree in project management, and I can't pretend that it didn't help me improve my skills and build confidence in my profession. I am incredibly happy and grateful for the chance to study with RKC and its academic partners. At this point in my career, the conventional "roadmap" would not have made it possible for me to accomplish this. To everyone reading this, I encourage you to begin your journey at RKC since it is a great college with nice people and friendly people, and you can be sure that everyone there will support you no matter what and will always be there to assist you. If you have any questions about my experiences of studying with RKC, I would be happy to share them with you. ”
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MBA in International Healthcare Management
New Zealand
“I was able to work and study at the same time, and gain a useful degree which can help advance my career path. The online support provided by the University throughout the course was awesome.”
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MSc in Project Management
“The flexibility of handling the modules and yet with very strict timelines that instill discipline. The approach to the modules encourages thinking ability and originality. I enjoyed especially team spirit/work coupled with very experienced tutors. The turn around time in responding to queries by the RCK student help was really amazing.”
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