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MBA in Legal Leadership
“RKC offered me the chance of a lifetime to gain profound knowledge of of business practices, along with skills in operational management, team leadership, and strategic planning. The College pioneered Swiss quality online learning, has a student centred philosophy, state of the art technology and is a worldwide recognised international establishment. However, I am most grateful for the numerous exciting international acquaintances I made with professors, staff and fellow students during my studies, which broadened not only my professional but also my personal horizons. I can unreservedly recommend the RKC and its study program and only suggest to anyone who is a little unsure to put all doubts aside and l look forward to hear from you!”
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MBA in Leadership and Management
“I could start with a part of the payment, experience the program at my own pace, and the reading materials added instant value to my job performance. The program is worth the investment for learning, growth and development. ”
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MSc in Digital Business
South Africa
“Effective use of digital technology to administer education.”
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MSc in Human Resource Management and Development
“When I decided to have Master degree within my specialisation, I checked different programs but finally decided to go with RKC. The experience was very special as I have been introduced to a diverse community with different backgrounds, nationalities, genders, cultures, religions and more. in each session, I have learned more. All the Professors were very supportive and when it comes to the dissertation Supervisor, I was so delighted dealing with such professional people.”
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MSc in Fraud and Risk Management
“Overall, the programs offered by the university are innovative and futuristic programs aligned with the market needs.”
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MSc in Marketing
“At the beginning of my MSc Marketing programme, I set three simple objectives for myself. Looking back, RKC did not disappoint me one bit. I am living my dream of being a sound and thoroughbred marketing professional who is adequately equipped to impact significantly on the success of brands, add to the body of research findings in the field of marketing, nurture the next generation of marketers and salesmen and build a valuable network of professional associates. I am excited always to inspire anyone with a genuine quest for postgraduate knowledge to choose RKC. There is an excellent team of support at your disposal always to help and guide you at your pace.”
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MSc in International Business with Law
“What made this experience unique and special is the accessibility to various resources and communication facilities while being in a remote setting. The educational journey was smooth. My advice is don't think twice; even if you're an employee, have lots of things on your plate; this is definitely worth it! ”
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Executive MBA
“Multiple combinations of course modules are available. With many years of professional and business experience, I was looking for specific focus areas and the ExMBA curriculum was a perfect fit for me. ”
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MBA in International Healthcare Management
New Zealand
“I was able to work and study at the same time, and gain a useful degree which can help advance my career path. The online support provided by the University throughout the course was awesome.”
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