MSc in Project Management
United Kingdom
“Reflecting on my time at Robert Kennedy College/University of Salford,the diverse community and supportive lecturers made my experience truly special. The emphasis on practical learning through case study and extensive research was invaluable. For prospective students, I recommend exploring on line campus, connecting with peers across diverse backgrounds, and embracing hands-on learning to maximize your college experience. Choose a college that aligns with your goals and values for optimal growth.”

On this programme, you will study in depth the function of operations management and its role within a successful organisation. You will look at managing operations and complex situations while developing the skills to work closely with marketing and sales, research and development, procurement and supply chain functions. There is a high level of technical input and your learning will be informed by examples from numerous manufacturing and service settings.

3 good reasons to study Operations Management:

  • Explore key concepts of operations and information management, supply chain and project management
  • Learn how to critically evaluate the contribution of global logistics and supply chain to an organisation's competitive advantage
  • Learn the tools and techniques required for planning, control, teamwork, leadership and other key processes