MSc in Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain Management
“The flexibility of the university's MSc program enabled me to meet my family, work and mentoring commitments successfully. Additionally, this university provided me with the opportunity to meet, learn from, and share with people from diverse backgrounds who are now my lifelong friends. Looking for a prestigious university? Look no further. Enroll in this university, take advantage of the opportunities it offers, put forth your best effort in everything you do, and believe in yourself and your dreams.”

The MBA is the prime management qualification for managers. Designed for your success, the MBA creates distinctive managers with a comprehensive knowledge of the latest business practices. This specialised MBA in Educational Leadership  explores the nature of leadership from both the individual and the collective or depersonalised perspective, and apply them to their own professional context. In addition, students will critically analyse the relationship between leadership, educational purpose, pupil outcomes and tensions created in attempting to measure public value in a service characterized by complexity. Although there may be some bias towards UK practice in particular with respect to case study discussions, the programme should be considered global in terms of its coverage of leadership and education.

The MBA programmes benefit greatly from the internationality derived from recruiting students from across the globe, and drawing on tutors well qualified in their field.

Learn at Switzerland’s premier private college and graduate with students from over 130 different countries and from the University of Cumbria.